1.  Use of the services provided by HVDogS and/or its NSPs will be deemed acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

2.  The Member certifies the accuracy of all information the Member has conveyed about Member and Member’s pet to HVDogS and/or its NSPs.

3.  The Member agrees that if the Member’s pet becomes ill or if the state of the pet’s health otherwise requires professional attention, HVDogS and/or its NSPs, in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian or administer medicine or give other requisite attention to the pet and the expenses thereof shall be paid by the Member in accordance with their cost scale. The Member gives consent to HVDogS and/or its NSPs to act in the Member’s behalf in obtaining emergency veterinary care at the Member’s expense if deemed necessary by HVDogS and/or its NSPs, or any of its employees. The Member agrees to indemnify and holds HVDogS and/or its NSPs, and its employees, harmless from said expenses.

4.  The Member assumes any and all expenses or liability for injuries that the Member’s pet may inflict upon any human or other pet while in the care of HVDogS and/or its NSPs. The Member agrees to indemnify and holds HVDogS and/or its NSPs, and employees from both, harmless from any and all expenses and liability incurred as a result of injuries the Member’s pet inflicts upon any human or other pet while under the care of HVDogS and/or its NSPs.

5.  The Member hereby grants HVDogS and/or its NSPs the right to take photographs of the Member’s pet while under the care of HVDogS and/or its NSPs, and to post or reproduce any and all photographs taken (as well as the Member’s pet’s name) on or in, without limitation, HVDogS’ web site, promotional materials and merchandise, without becoming liable to the Member (or the Member’s pet) for any royalty payment of any kind.

6.  The Member agrees to pay for/reimburse the cost of any and all services, including veterinary and other reasonably necessary services whose costs may be incurred or borne by HVDogS or its NSPs, in accordance with the following sliding scale, and the amount of financial aid provided by HVDogS.

7.  HVDogS and/or its NSPs agrees to provide a pet sitter as specified. The Member has the option to meet the sitter and acceptance of the sitter's services will be deemed satisfaction with the suitability and integrity of the sitter put forward.

8.  In accordance with the Member’s cost scale, HVDogS and/or its NSPs will charge the Member for its services as quoted. A fee of 40% of the total sum due is payable to HVDogS and/or its NSPs as deposit at the time of booking.

9.  Payment of Sitter:
  • In accordance with the Member’s cost scale, the Member is responsible for paying the Sitter's remuneration on completion of the contract immediately on receipt of the sitter's personal invoice for the remaining 60% fee balance.
  • The Member is also responsible for any travelling expenses calculated at $1 per mile incurred by the Sitter or for reimbursement of fares by public transport. The Member will provide food for the Sitter during the period of the contract to the value of $10 per day.

10.  HVDogS and/or its NSPs takes extraordinary care in selecting responsible and suitable Sitters. However we can accept no responsibility for the acts and omissions of any Sitter or for any loss or damage caused or contributed to by the Sitter.

11.  Should a Sitter be taken ill or injured or for any reason not able to complete the contract HVDogS and/or its NSPs will use its best efforts to make alternative arrangements.

12.  Member must complete HVDogS and/or its NSPs’s checklist with the Sitter before handing off primary responsibilities.

13.  In the event that the Sitter does not have sole control (house cleaners, landscapers, etc.) the Sitter will not be responsible for any breaches of security.


a) The Sitter will carry out the primary responsibilities agreed with the Member and keep the house clean and tidy to a reasonable standard.

b) The Sitter may not: (i) Leave the house except in an emergency for more than one hour after dark, or leave the house except in the performance of his/her duties, for more than two hours a day unless relieved by HVDogS and/or its NSPs or a person authorized to do so by the Member; (ii) Have neither overnight nor more than one daytime visitor at a time. Such visitors must leave the house by 10pm; (iii) Drink the Member's alcoholic or soft beverages or eat the Member's food without permission.

c) The Sitter is not responsible for any loss or damage to a Member's property, however caused.

d) In the event of a problem or emergency arising the Sitter will use his/her own discretion and will contact the right authority.

e) In the event of cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the start of the booking, 50% of the Sitter's fee shall be payable to the Sitter up to a maximum of $150. In the event the Sitter is in route to, or has arrived at the booking, or the Member returns early during a booking, the Sitter must be paid in full.


INSURANCE: If the Member's car is to be used by the Sitter, insurance coverage must be in force. The Member is responsible for checking that the Sitter's driving license is valid and for informing Insurers of their departure and the presence of the Sitter in the house.

CLEANING: The house will be maintained to a normal standard but Members are respectfully asked to note that the Sitters are not cleaners.

DATES: The Member should inform HVDogS and/or its NSPs of any change or extension in booking dates to avoid inconvenience to the Sitter and other Members.

PAYMENT: Invoices unpaid by the due date can render the booking liable to cancellation without notice and without any liability on the part of HVDogS and/or its NSPs.

FOOD: We recommend that $10 per day should be provided for the Sitter.

TELEPHONE: The Sitter will keep an accurate account of all personal calls made and pay for them before leaving. HVDogS’
General Terms & Conditions
"Caring for People and their Pets"

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