Our Favorite Sites
We encourage you to support the same worthy causes that we do.  Below are links to some of our favorite web sites and others we acknowledge in connection with the continuation of our program.   To request a link exchange with us, please click here.

In an emergency
ASPCA/National Poison Control - Please call 1-888-426-4435 if you have any questions or have a pet that you suspect is experiencing problems
Dog CPR Training

Veterinary Services
Find a Vet Near You
County Animal Hospital - 45 Congers Road, New City, NY (845-634-4607)

Training & Other Services
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Training & Behavior Center-General Dog
Wag-A-Little - Proffessional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting / (888-662-2440)

General Dog
The American Dog Owners Association
Senior Dogs Website
Urban Dog - for the 'City' Dog

Helpful Directories
Pet Sit USA
Hudson Valley Sojourner - a guide to all things Hudson Valley
Online Yellow Pages

Pet Supplies
Pet Nutrition Center - 115 East Route 59, Nanuet, NY (845-623-3214)
Pet Sitter's International

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Programs
SPAY USA - 1-800-248-SPAY
People for Animals - 908-964-6887
Friends of Animals - 1-800-321-PETS

Health Web Sites
American Veterinary Medical Foundation
Dental Care
Pet Health Insurance
Veterinary Pet Insurance
Purely Pets

Neura Pet Products
Innova Dog Food

Pet Friendly Travel

About Puppymills
Hears United For Animals
No Puppymills - how can you help?

We Support
ASPCA of New York
The Humane Society of the U.S.
Ronald McDonald House of N.Y.
St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Pet Loss and Bereavement Services
Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement 
Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

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