As a non profit 501(c)(3) organization, The Hudson Valley Dog Sanctuary (HVDogS) provides, through tax-deductible donations, high quality pet care services and products to income eligible seniors at no cost and to others on a sliding scale basis.

HVDogS is an organization that senior dog owners can turn to for assistance with their pet care needs.  Our members consist of seniors who love their pets but are having difficulty providing the type of care that’s needed to keep their pet active and healthy.

Through a network of local entrepreneurial support groups and volunteers, HVDogS will provide financial assistance for pet care programs to low-income seniors.  These include veterinary care (simple spay/neuter operations to major medical procedures), boarding, daycare, sitting, grooming, food, collars, leashes, etc.

HVDogS also provides a ‘sanctuary’ for abandoned or neglected dogs, fostering and placement services for rescued dogs, along with pet care services, all for dog owners who are elderly and or have special needs. 
Established in Rockland County along the Hudson River in New York, HVDogS is a network of volunteers and entrepreneurial support groups providing products, programs and services that promote the wellness of dogs and their owners.

To see photos of some of the pets we have cared for, please click here.   Using your donations to enrich the lives of seniors and the dogs they love so much.

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